And the point is?

And the point is?

We hear this over and over again... Know Jesus Know Life... really is that just a bumper sticker or a billboard sign or is it real? Now we have signs that are signed by "God". Hmmm my questions would be - are we wasting money on stuff like this or is this reaching someone?

Church today has become more like a social gathering. It's so cool to say that I go to church, is that supposed to make you more special than the one that doesn't?? People tend to be more religious and denomination minded that they forget the verse that says when the Lord comes, the dead in Christ shall rise first and then those that are living will meet up with Him. Now where does it say its going to be just the baptist or the Methodist or even the non denominational??? I would rather be spiritual than be religious and be a pharisee minded!!!

Back to my point... Signs and billboards that talk about the Lord or anything along those lines make a difference. Whether it brings salvation in your life or just a warm feeling that everything is goin to be okay... I repeat this phrase always and it goes, "Trust is knowing that Jesus Can, Faith is knowing that Jesus Will" The first part is more like being a book worm... it's head knowledge and the second part is being street smart as in practical knowledge... You need both, if not you will be disappointed! Remember for without Faith it is impossible to please God, and to have faith you need to learn to trust in Him.

Step up to the plate, take a Stand and make a mark!

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