No one knows the hour

No one knows the hour

December 21st, 2012 might not actually be the date. Like every apocalyptic prediction, there's some wiggle room on the date. That always makes things a little smoother when the day comes and goes and we're all still here. The Mayans didn't use the modern Gregorian calendar, obviously. So modern Mayan scholars have had to translate their calendar system (based roughly around years featuring 13 months of 20 days) into our system (a bunch of months that are a bunch of different lengths). December 21st, 2012 is the most common conclusion for the apocalypse, but other dates -- including October 28th, 2011 and March 31st, 2013 -- are also in play. In other words: If you put off your Christmas shopping this year because you want to see if the world ends or not, you may also find yourself putting off your April Fools' Day shopping next year. On the other hand, there has been much speculation about the world coming to an end in the year 2012, as at exactly 11:11 a.m. Actually, at 11:11 a.m. Universal Time on the Solstice on December 21, 2012, the Maya Long Count calendar will come to an end.

The prediction does not say the world is ending. This is another misconception. The prediction doesn't foresee the planet blowing up. It foresees widespread disasters that will probably cause an ice age that changes life, civilization and society. And it views that as a necessity, because after a while, society makes enough mistakes and causes enough damage to the Earth that it needs to regulate. The world doesn't need to be destroyed, the world needs to be rebooted. It's not like hitting "reset" on the Nintendo, it's more like holding the power button while you hit reset to make sure Zelda or Baseball Stars retain your data while you start this particular game over. The apocalypse
will resemble The Day After Tomorrow more than 2012. In this particular apocalypse, expect every possible disaster to happen -- not just one or two. Flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, avalanches, boats hitting glaciers, monsters,  it's all gonna happen.  On another note, North Korea vehemently rejects the notion of a 2012 end of the world, not just because North Korea vehemently rejects everything. 2012 is an important year to the North Koreans because it would've been the 100th birthday of Kim Il-sung --the Kim who founded the country. And the North Koreans have always believed on that 100th anniversary, it would finally be the moment when North Korea ascends to become the world's most powerful country.

Some people predict the world as known to human race would come to an end, others say its the rise of the unknown. Fear of being out of control, fear of the unknown will take over majority of mankind, and then there are some that lives a care free life that don't care much about anything. As the Bible reminds us, we need to watch and pray. Know our surroundings and pray for one another. As for me, its about time the Mayan calendar comes to an end. This confirms the fact that after Dec 21, 2012 no one would know the day and time when Jesus would return. For Christians, Dec 21st must be a day of celebration. The long awaited wait for the return of our Savior, no dying, no crying, no sorrows or pain, and then for some of us no bills to be paid or living pay check to pay check. We will finally get to meet our Lord Jesus Christ. When in Heaven, possibly a chance to meet our loved ones, that's died due to sickness or other reasons. What we preach and do our best to live by is finally getting close... So to conclude this blog, I have 2 advices: 


Its time to party and have a blast while living a life God wants us because the time for His return is much closer. So on Dec 21st 2012, party like a rock star as the Black Eyed Peas sang...

Lets get started in hah, lets get started in here
Lets get started in hah, lets get started in here
Lets get started in hah, lets get started in here
Lets get started in hah, lets get started in here

Non Christians:
I hope you take this to heart: God loved you like it was no ones business and still loves you in spite of what your rejection, attitude, ego, towards His love, that He sent His only Son to be crucified in your place, so you don't have to suffer the wages of sin which is death but instead have eternal life. Believe it and accept Him as the Lord of your life and come see why all the Christians are celebrating when the Mayan calendar calls for destruction. 


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1. Slava wrote:
Shouldn't you use the time zone of the Mayans? And there is a specific time that the event is soppused to happen. I think 11:59AM, but I'm not sure. YOu can look it up though.thanks for the clock. Subliminal humor is always nice. I think I'll put such a clock on my home page.

Thu, February 7, 2013 @ 7:33 PM

2. Josesito wrote:
Just wanted to say hi, hope all is well with you. Woke from a dream you were in, just to tell you to let your hair get long again, even if its got some grey. You have the best hair ever! Very odd to mail you, but soeietmms there are higher forces. Cheers

Tue, June 9, 2015 @ 9:42 PM

3. wrote:
Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the
pictures aren't loading properly. I'm not sure why but I think
its a linking issue. I've tried it in two different web browsers and both
show the same outcome.

Thu, August 16, 2018 @ 1:32 AM

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